Erik Hamilton - Principal

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Erik began his career with Democracy Resources more than a decade ago as a petition circulator. He quickly worked his way up through the ranks, serving as a field manager, campaign office director, and national operations manager for the company. He purchased the company from its founder in 2014. Erik has a strong connection to DRs past and its long tradition of qualifying and winning on progressive ballot measures, and he brings a fresh approach that has modernized Democracy Resources from its roots as a boutique signature gathering company into a full service political consulting and field management firm.

Erik grew up in the Bay Area where he was active with several community oriented non-profits, labor unions, and political organizations. He is passionate about creating positive change through grassroots efforts and is committed to modern, progressive values including paying employees a livable wage and making the ballot measure a democratic tool for those who wish to turn good ideas into sound policy.


Marlon Mosley - Principal

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Marlon has helped qualify and pass more than 60 citizen-initiated amendments and statutes over his 17 years in professional political field organizing. He started his career at Democracy Resources as an assistant field office director, but quickly advanced to a national operations management position. In 2014, Marlon became a part owner of the company alongside Erik Hamilton. 

Prior to working in political field organizing, Marlon practiced family law in Maryland, primarily representing victims of domestic violence. Originally from Los Angeles, and he’s an avid Cowboys, Lakers, and UCLA fan. Marlon is a member of the State Bar and also serves as general counsel for the company.


Judson Parker - Field & Outreach Consultant

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Judson has more than 14 years of experience in community organizing, fundraising, and political campaign management. 

He got his start in politics as a field manager, lead canvass director, and regional citizen outreach director at the Fund for Public Interest Research, where he oversaw major fundraising projects and membership drives on behalf of organizations like the Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, Save the Children, the United States Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG), and Environment America. He went on to found several nonprofit organizations, including Save Our Shores! Florida and the Coalition for Safe Food.

Since 2008, Judson has helped qualify more than 70 citizen's initiatives, and has won dozens of progressive campaigns including increasing the minimum wage in 3 states, legalizing medical and recreational marijuana in 6 states, passing the Equal Rights Amendment in Oregon, and funding a $20 million Humane Society animal shelter in Colorado. He is currently based in the Los Angeles area.