Democracy Resources Services

Signature Gathering – The ballot measure is a powerful tool for bringing about positive change.  Ballot measures provide a way to make important changes to our community even when powerful interests block those changes in the legislature. Democracy Resources can earn your campaign access to the ballot with no hassle and at a surprising affordable rate. Our model is unique in the industry: all of our signature gatherers are paid a living wage. This allows you to ensure that your campaign is delivering consistent messages and making a positive impression on voters.

Canvassing – Canvassing means meeting voters where they are and providing them the information you want them to have. Democracy Resources has knocked on millions of doors having one-on-one conversations with voters in states around the country. Whether its educating voters about progressive issues or working to elect candidates – we have the track record and skills to ensure your campaign’s field effort is a success.

Opposition Oversight –  Winning a campaign requires understanding your opponent’s tactics and strategy. Democracy Resources has pioneered groundbreaking opposition oversight and open debate advocacy programs that ensure that you know what your opposition is up to and that they don’t have the ability to operate unopposed in a vacuum. Uncovering fraud and misconduct while it’s being committed can mean the difference between having to spend millions of dollars defending democracy or using those resources to advance your agenda and Democracy Resource’s fraud watch program can help make that happen.

Volunteer Coordination – Campaigns inevitably involve a complex, evolving mix of paid staff and volunteers.  Democracy Resources has more than a decade of experience managing and recruiting volunteers to ensure that they make a positive contribution to the campaign.  Whether it’s gathering signatures, canvassing neighborhoods or making phone calls we can direct your volunteer effort to be efficient,  effective and low maintenance. This allows the campaign to focus the efforts of the paid staff on the most critical work at hand: getting the voted needed to win!

Recruitment – Do you need to staff a phone bank or a canvass but don’t have the time to fill the slots? Need help with managing the paperwork involved with a rapidly changing workforce? Democracy Resources can handle these tasks for you. Like a politically focused hiring hall, we have a long track record of helping campaigns and organizations meet their hiring needs.  We get you the results you need without the hassle of doing it yourself.


Voter Registration –  Democracy isn’t a spectator sport….and only registered voters get to play. All too often important issues or popular candidates are stymied by low voter turnout. The first step in getting people to vote is getting them registered. The team at Democracy Resources have the field strength and game plan to run a successful voter registration drive.  Whether on its own or in combination with a campaign we can help you register the voters needed to make a real difference in your community.

Strategy and Planning – Democracy Resource’s campaign team have decades of experience in designing and guiding successful grassroots campaigns in states across the country. If you are considering moving forward with a ballot measure or other grassroots campaign, let us help you develop the strategy needed to make it a success.  The resources you invest up-front in planning and strategy will pay off down the line in a successful campaign.

 Have a question about any of our services? Contact us – we’re happy to talk to you about how we can help your campaign meet it’s goals.