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About Us

Democracy Resources is a full-service political consulting and campaign management firm. In addition to our core field services like ballot qualification, canvassing, and voter registration, we also offer social media marketing, supporter list-building, email blast management, and strategic online fundraising services.

Our mission is to use dynamic and innovative grassroots strategies to preserve the environment, stand up for basic civil rights, and defend working families.

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Democracy Resources was launched in 1999 as a boutique signature gathering firm in Portland, Oregon. Our founding mission was to guarantee a living wage for signature gatherers, and we were the first in the industry to do so. Our innovative approach has made us the national leader in direct voter contact and ballot measure qualification.

Because of our distinctive business model, we've been able to build a large, loyal network of staff across the United States who can be in place almost overnight - an army dedicated not only to achieving ballot access quickly and affordably, but also able to help win the election and build a longer term movement.

This has increased retention rates, reduced fraud, and allowed thousands of new activists to enter the professional political organizing arena.


Since our founding in 1999, Democracy Resources has collected more than 50 million signatures from registered voters, knocked on more than 2 million doors having one-on-one conversations with voters around the country, and helped win some of the most high profile state-level campaigns in U.S. history.

Whether it's educating voters about progressive issues or working to elect candidates, we have the track record and skills to ensure your campaign’s field effort is a success.

In 2002, Democracy Resources ran the signature gathering drive to put Measure 25 on Oregon's ballot, which increased the state's minimum wage and tied it to inflation.

In 2006, we gathered signatures to force the Oregon legislature to restrict payday loan practices in the state.

In 2008, we helped place the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative on the ballot.

Since 2010, we've helped legalize marijuana in several states, regulated fracking and other dirty and dangerous energy sources, and increased access to affordable healthcare for millions of low-income residents.