Back in 2014, Democracy Resources collected 86,105 signatures over a period of 5 weeks to place Initiative 88, the Colorado Mandatory Setback of Oil and Gas Wells Amendment, on the ballot.

Unfortunately, Governor Hickenlooper negotiated this Amendment off the ballot, promising instead to create a new committee to develop acceptable fracking regulations with the oil and gas industry. Three years later, nothing substantial has come of this "promise" made by the governor.

Initiative 88 would have required oil and gas fracking wells to be placed at least 2,000 ft. from an occupied structure. On April 17, 2017, two people in Firestone, CO died when their house exploded due to a leaking gas well placed less than 200 ft. away from their home. 

While this particular house was built near the well rather than the other way around, it is evidence that allowing fracking operations so close to occupied structures is far too risky. Now Governor Hickenlooper and the Colorado state legislature need to be held accountable for their inaction on fracking regulations and the tragic deaths of Mark Martinez and his brother-in-law Joseph William Irwin III.

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Governor Hickenlooper and Colorado Legislature,

In 2014, you refused to take action on oil and gas fracking regulation and blocked Initiative 88 from the ballot. Now, less than three years later, two men have died from a terrible explosion in Firestone that may have been prevented by passage of legislation similar to Initiative 88, the Colorado Mandatory Setback of Oil and Gas Wells Amendment. As you know, this amendment would have required a 2,000 foot setback from inhabited structures. The well that caused the explosion in Firestone was less than 200 feet away from the Martinez home.

I am asking you to pass legislation this year that will push back dangerous fracking operations at least 2,000 feet from occupied structures.

Thank you,

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