About Our Work

As a forward-thinking business with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we strive in each campaign to uphold the values that have made us one of the national leaders in ballot measure qualification and direct voter contact. 

Unlike other signature gathering firms, Democracy Resources invests in our staff by offering a living wage for all of our employees. Because of this, we've built a roster of loyal, talented staff all across the United States. We can offer your organization a large, experienced field team that can be in place almost overnight – An army dedicated to achieving ballot access quickly and affordably.

Our clients can expect a tailor-made approach to every campaign. Your priorities are our priorities.  

We’re proud of our unique business model and believe that along with more reliable and consistent results for our clients, it creates a more fair and ethical environment which allows our staff to thrive. At Democracy Resources, our staff is our family. And we’re a family that will be proud to help your good ideas become sound public policy.

What Makes Us Unique?

Although we started as a boutique signature gathering company, Democracy Resources has now expanded into a full service political campaign management firm. Not only do we offer field services such as signature gathering and canvassing, we also help campaigns create websites, develop email lists and social media presence, and even run online fundraising appeals.

In the signature gathering industry, Democracy Resources is the only company in the business to offer both hourly, living wage employee-level jobs as well as independent, pay-per-signature contractor gigs for signature gatherers. This has allowed us to hire and train thousands of activists who otherwise may not have become involved in the political process. It also allows us to tailor our services to each client based on their preference.

Professional Political Field and Consulting Services


Signature Gathering – The ballot measure is a powerful tool for bringing about positive change.  Ballot measures provide a way to make important changes to our community even when powerful interests block those changes in the legislature. We can earn your campaign access to the ballot with no hassle at an affordable rate. Our model is unique in the industry: we pay our employees a living wage. This allows you to ensure that your campaign is delivering consistent messages and making a positive impression on voters.

Canvassing – Canvassing means meeting voters where they are and providing them the information you want them to have. Democracy Resources has knocked on millions of doors having one-on-one conversations with voters in states around the country. Whether its educating voters about progressive issues or working to elect candidates – we have the track record and skills to ensure your campaign’s field effort is a success.

Digital Campaign Management – We specialize in building online presence on behalf of our partner organizations. Whether you are interested in growing an email list, gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures online to pressure elected officials, building a large, successful social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, or complementing your development team's fundraising efforts, we have the expertise and resources to get it done.

Opposition Oversight –  Winning a campaign requires understanding your opponent’s tactics and strategy. Democracy Resources has pioneered groundbreaking opposition oversight and open debate advocacy programs that ensure that you know what your opposition is up to and that they don’t have the ability to operate unopposed in a vacuum. Uncovering fraud and misconduct while it’s being committed can mean the difference between having to spend millions of dollars defending democracy or using those resources to advance your agenda and Democracy Resource’s fraud watch program can help make that happen.

Volunteer Coordination – Campaigns inevitably involve a complex, evolving mix of paid staff and volunteers.  Democracy Resources has more than a decade of experience managing and recruiting volunteers to ensure that they make a positive contribution to the campaign.  Whether it’s gathering signatures, canvassing, or making phone calls, we can direct your volunteer effort, allowing the campaign to focus the efforts of the paid staff on the most critical work at hand: getting the votes needed to win!

Voter Registration –  Democracy isn’t a spectator sport… and only registered voters get to play. All too often important issues or popular candidates are stymied by low voter turnout. The first step in getting people to vote is getting them registered. The team at Democracy Resources have the field strength and game plan to run a successful voter registration drive.  Whether on its own or in combination with a campaign we can help you register the voters needed to make a real difference in your community.

Strategy and Planning – Democracy Resource’s campaign team have decades of experience in designing and guiding successful grassroots campaigns in states across the country. If you are considering moving forward with a ballot measure or other grassroots campaign, let us help you develop the strategy needed to make it a success.  The resources you invest up-front in planning and strategy will pay off down the line in a successful campaign.

Clients We Have Worked With   

  • Nextgen Climate
  • Unite Here! Local 8
  • New Approach PAC
  • MiLegalize
  • Corporate Tax Reform Oregon
  • Campaign to Ban Gillnetting
  • Cap Executive Pay, El Camino Hospital District
  • Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage
  • Oregon Secretary of State
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Colorado Attorney General
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Our Oregon
  • Better Colorado
  • Yes for Independent Maps
  • Protect Colorado’s Future
  • Cascade AIDS Project
  • No on Proposition 8 California
  • Environmental Defense Fund (IN, AK, TX, ME)
  • Special Olympics
  • American Cancer Society
  • Healthy Kids Act
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Protect Our Salmon
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Missouri Clean Energy Initiative
  • United Healthcare Workers West
  • Head Start Association
  • Libraries Yes!
  • Oregonians for Water, Parks, & Wildlife
  • Political Accountability Campaign
  • Nursing Home Safety Act
  • Good for Oregon
  • Tillamook Rainforest Coalition
  • Oregon Cannabis Tax Act
  • Ben Westlund for Governor
  • Alex Hamalian for Judge
  • Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism
  • Eric Butterfield for Judge
  • Good Government Initiative
  • Payday Loan Reform
  • Renew Houston
  • Maine Tribal Gaming Act
  • Jefferson Co. West Virginia Jobs Act
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Campaign for Corporate Disclosure
  • Stop Gun Violence
  • Yamhill County Visitor’s Association
  • Lorie Savon for Judge
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Full Disclosure Nevada
  • Repair California
  • Voter Education Project
  • Preserving Oregon’s Roads

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Democracy Resources offers affordable, professional political consulting and field services. Please fill out the contact form to inquire about our availability or to request a written proposal. We're looking forward to working with you!

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Our Executive Team


Erik Hamilton – Partner

Erik Hamilton has been with Democracy Resources for almost a decade. He has been responsible for running day-to-day operations for signature drives and direct voter contact programs. As Operations Director, Erik skillfully executed many successful campaign efforts in Democracy Resources history, while staying under budget.  

Erik grew up in the Bay Area of California and was active where he worked with several non-profits and took part in local politics The passion for bringing about positive change through grassroots efforts has always been with him. Erik is committed to the values that Democracy Resources holds dear, which includes paying employees a livable wage and making the ballot measure a democratic tool for those who wish to turn good ideas into sound policy. 

Marlon Mosley – Partner

Marlon Mosley has worked on countless campaigns over the last 15 years. Prior to becoming a Partner at Democracy Resources he has held numerous roles from Organizer, Regional Field Director and Field Director for a Presidential, Governor, Congressional and City Council campaigns. Marlon has also managed numerous paid canvasses, voter registration drives and state wide ballot initiative measures. 

Prior to working in politics Marlon practiced family law in Maryland, primarily representing victims of domestic violence. Marlon is originally from Los Angeles. and he’s an avid Cowboys, Lakers and UCLA fan. In his spare time likes to read GQ and Esquire.

Judson Parker - Director of Strategy, Marketing, and Recruitment

Judson Parker brings more than 15 years of experience in political organizing, fundraising, and digital campaign management to the Democracy Resources team. He was previously a fundraising director for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, where he raised millions for the Syrian refugee crisis. Prior to that he worked as a field and outreach consultant for numerous political and nonprofit organizations, and has managed projects on behalf of top progressive and environmental organizations including the Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, and the United States Public Interest Research Group.

Judson also volunteers his time and donates to community homeless shelters, animal welfare organizations, and environmental groups. He currently resides with his partner Ashley and a household full of adopted cats, dogs, and fish in Los Angeles, CA.

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